~ Sometimes I'd feel more fufilled making Christmas cards with the mentally ill ~

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Interesting how we’re always hearing how shameful and irresponsible it is to be a teen mom.

But we never hear the same messages directed at teen dads.

Or even the words “teen dad”.

It’s almost like society demonizes women’s sexuality and sexual choices while absolving men of all sexual responsibility and judgement.


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"i dont need feminism because—" great. wonderful. amazing. i literally do not care

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welcome to tumblr

I’m not gonna let y’all sleep on this


I’m not gonna let y’all sleep on this

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Carefully notice the lack of logical thinking here. She’s not even following the line of questioning.

When privilege is in question, no matter how ignorant or intelligent a person is, they tend to retreat to illogical arguments that are easily refuted and they kinda resemble toddlers, except I actually like toddlers and toddlers make more sense.

And honestly, many White women would not tolerate such ridiculous arguments, lack of empathy and self-centeredness ("why bring up race if it’s not a problem for you?") if the question was gender and a White man posed this foolishness to them. They wouldn’t tolerate it. They would easily expose the ignorance. But magically when privilege (in this case White privilege) is in question, all bets are off.

The last GIF explains my life in so many ways… *rolls eyes*

The weirdest thing is that though this is from a satirical show (The Daily Show) and meant to discuss racism with humor, these are the real answers that most Whites give daily, so I couldn’t really laugh this time. I just felt tired.

the perils of trying to communicate this to white people in debates. in the many debates I’ve had the chance of witnessing, race comes up about 80% of the time, when discussing this in a diverse setting. and for whites, sometimes their mindset is ‘oh, why are they pulling the race card.’ but for blacks it’s, ‘understand that purely based off of what I look like, I will experience something totally different, give me the chance to explain.’

this always makes me cringe

Kinda funny how white women argue that race doesn’t matter, but they make a big deal about gender…

Once again stereotyping white people. Not all white people would respond like this -.-

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THIS IS A REPOST FROM eatsleepblink-!!! Watermark in the lower right hand corner.


THIS IS A REPOST FROM eatsleepblink-!!! Watermark in the lower right hand corner.

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still not exactly sure what studying is

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